Blog #20

Hume would let the public know that they have free will in their actions. Each person would consider the benefits over the consequences before attempting any action. According to the article, a prisoner could ponder multiple ways to get out by either escaping, good behavior, or death. He will go over each event and the effect of each event that will come thereafter. Some philosophers feel that there is no free will for their actions since everything is already predetermined for their future. However, Hume leans more towards the cause and effect idea. This concept could have multiple different endings from the same cause due to underlying factors that may not be obvious.

“…their nature and their operation on the understanding never change.”

So, a person with a good moral compass will be compelled to do what they would consider as the “right” thing to do in that situation. That person may not know that they are merely a pawn in a larger scheme to overthrow another person in power. For example, a servant told to go offer a prince a seafood meal while they are a guest at a hotel would think this would be a courteous deed. Unfortunately, the cook is an undercover assassin that slipped a poisonous substance in the meal without anyone else’s knowledge. If the servant was a greedy person without a good moral compass they could have devoured the meal themselves because the presentation looked so outstanding with their favorite kind of seafood. Showing that each person has the free will to make their own destiny of the future. Hume is convinced that ” the knowledge of men’s inclination and motives” is what drives their free will to a direction to make a cause which will make a certain effect.

I would agree with Hume that everyone is not predetermined to make a certain action but has the power of free will. Depending on the person’s personality and attitude will give each action a certain reaction. There are many reasons why a person would think that a cause and effect is set in stone to happen regardless of what actions they take but I believe that to be false.


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