Blog #19 Determinism

Casual determinism is the act of multiple events that aides in the outcome within the laws of nature. If determinism was true I would assume that I would not try as hard for my goals. I would feel that despite my actions, I could not succeed since that is how my life was determined to be by the natural law of things. My effort to play a sport or learn a specific skill would be useless if I was never meant to strengthen those skills to produce a career or hobby. I would like to believe that I wouldn’t lose the strive to be the best person however, if my probability was out of reach than I could see myself being a very big loser and would think less of myself. I would need to have no doubt that my fixed conclusion is how I foresee it.

I currently want to be a medical attorney so I am well aware of the steps in which it will take to achieve that goal. Determinism is explained to be governing the world if things are a certain way at that time and thereafter so the conclusion will be fixed in compliance of the natural law. It should not be confused with predictability or fate even though they seem similar in the definition. No matter how well or bad I did on my tests, the outcome in fatalism would be the same of me achieving my career or not. Predicting that I will achieve my dream since I have had a great background in my school work would be understandable. Determinism sway the decision depending on how they are at the time and will have the natural law complete the rest by a fixed outcome. The past assists in the direction that a person takes in finalizing an event. They discuss a man wanting a beer since a football game is on the television. There was something appealing about watching men tackle each other and sipping an alcoholic beverage or it could be the day and time. Around five o’ clock on a Sunday sounds like a perfect day for that beverage as well. If the event was slightly different like watching a romantic movie with his lover at nine in the morning, I do not believe he would grab that alcoholic beverage unless he was an alcoholic.


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