Blog #18

“I am part of their story, as they are part of mine. The narrative of any one life is part of an interlocking set of narratives”

This quote is explaining how each person may be thinking in the first person, in other words, they are the main or lead person in their movie. If each person is thinking they are the main characters than that means that the other people involved are the lesser parts that assist with the adventures. All the “movies” made in the world intertwine in some way by making multiple different versions of that same movie.

My best friend and I went on a road trip to Montana. It was in my manual Toyota Corolla 1990, which seemed like a vehicle that was barely surviving. I did not tell anyone in my family that I was leaving the state let alone anywhere for that matter. Reyn (the best friend) stole her boyfriend’s Tom-Tom navigational system since there was no free applications during that time. We set off on the road to start our movie of spontaneous adventure. We made it there to see familiar faced friends. We only stayed there for one night and then we set forth back home. The car was showing signs of less sturdiness as well as me the driver. Driving for a full day without sleep, i decided to stop and to have a rest after almost running into a construction zone because of the lack of sleep. However, I left the stereo and lights on as we rested. The car died but we got a jump and was back on the road. The car also began to lose the ability to hold gears on the road back to California. It began with a struggle to stay in fifth gear to only having third gear. We both believed we had to start our whole movie/lives over in Oregon where the car decided to not come back alive. Thankfully her boyfriend came and rescued us. To him, he was our knight in shining armor coming to save the damsels in distress.

This story is significant to the respect to my identity that I am willing to take a risk to enjoy my movie. No matter how bad the odds defy me to not go through with something, if I want to conquer it then I shall succeed. Or have someone rescue me if I am too over my head? Either way, I do not regret that decision since I got the opportunity to see some of the states that I was never going to see.


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