Blog #17

In the movie,”Memento”, there is a murder mystery that is the boggling the viewers minds. To add a mental twist, Leonard (the main character) is struggling with his memory. His short-term memory is so extreme that he decides to write notes about his main life events and people he encounters. He also goes to the extreme by tattooing the clues to his wife’s killer on various areas of his body.

“Memory could change the shape of a room”

This quote brings light to the truth about memory. Hume also agrees with this statement since memory could never be trusted in his eyes. I believe memory can be formed into what someone wants to be the truth. I do not think the notes or our memory is too reliable. Both could be easily changed into something more desirable. Someone could change the notes when the author is unaware or preoccupied while memory could naturally be distorted for a more attractive outcome. I believe Hume would think that Leonard has the same problem as any other person contains. His memory loss is in such an extreme that it is dangerous for his own life to not try to accommodate in some manner.

Leonard exclaims that every person needs a mirror to remind them of who they are. I would agree with this statement. Despite that everyone knows who they are from the inside, there may be things that were forgotten that could only be seen if we look at ourselves. For instance, I could have gotten a scar across my face when I was younger and believe a certain story on how it happened but my mother remembers a different version. I would not even fathom a story if I didn’t  see the mark that lays upon my face. Leonard became dependent on the mirrors, notes, and tattoos to tell him what he was suppose to be doing with his life besides just living. I think I would become something different everyday if I didn’t have the people in my life to be my mirror in giving me a remembrance of whom I am. The thought of mirrors to define ourselves fits with Hume’s theory in how we are not relying on our memories since they could be false but on the other people around us. Even though it would be relying on their memory of us, that is more reliable than our own perception.


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