Descartes explains that everything may not stay the same to what we remember and tries to decipher whether it is still what we remember it as previously. The wax example describes the consistency of wax from a honey comb. The senses take in the features of the original wax like the taste, size, smell, color. However, after a few modifications of these things we are confused whether or not it is still the was that we formerly knew. It may have different attributes to its previous form but it is still the wax. Someone seeing it for the first time will not believe that it was wax in the first place nonetheless, the mind remember when it first encountered the object. The conclusion of his wax example is that thing may not appear the same from the beginning but it doesn’t make it any less a piece of wax from its original form.

This fits into the main dualism argument because it is trying to separate the mind and the body. A person’s body may change over the years by getting saggy, spotted, and may not work anymore for some. Does that make that person any less of who they were when they were a child? I do not believe that does. Their mind stays true to their personality for the most part. Dualism describes how both the mind and body work together to fulfill everyday tasks. It doesn’t seem plausible to have one work without the other. The thought of a spirit being in the body and set free when the person reaches death is an extreme accusation. I have nothing to prove it wrong however, I am skeptical to the thought. I am in no position to say that the statement above is false. I would like to believe that there is a better place after this life is over but there is no need to dedicate m life to the effort of proving myself correct or incorrect.

The wax may be unrecognizable at the end of all the horrific damage that is thrown upon it and a person may be unrecognizable from the closest of family members after a war or personal battle. Both began as something different from what they appear as now. Having prior knowledge of the beginning makes them the definition of what they first appeared to be but with defected or modified parts. This changes the image but not the mind of the person or the mind of the person who first viewed the honey comb wax.


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