Blog Prompt #13

Descartes believes with absolute certainty that a square will always have four sides and mathematics is universal. The matter about God is a more of a struggle to comprehend. He discusses that dreams may seem as real as ever but they are just illusions that imitates reality or how the person sees reality. A God would not create people to purposely deceive themselves when that all knowing creator is known for being supremely good. So he must be an evil genius making everything Descartes knows as an illusion. He will forever believe that these deceitful objects and option was by the powerful God that is anything but merciful. The reason he believes this is because they are “ancient and commonly known customs” that people just became accustomed to. He will assume that they are false judgements until proven otherwise. I’m not sure if I agree since there is no true way to prove one religion is more true over another.

In my opinion, religion seems to coexist with the same kind of story line with the same leading conclusion for people to strive to become a an overall good person. This is a good idea to live a life however, there is no certainty that any of those religions exist. There is no justification to claim these outrageous, magick filled stories were true. There may have been people at that time era with those names but they probably didn’t do half the actions or events that the folk tales tell. Descartes explain that we cannot justify an idea that is not one of our own. He believes that we need to find a way to justify an idea with a full proof method that will give nothing but absolutely correct results. Descartes is so unsure that anything exists and is unable to accept foolish methods to think that an illusion is anything but deceptive.



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