Blog Prompt #12 Example of Art

I decided to share two songs that I feel are the most artistic in my opinion. They are by different artist about two completely different life situations

My first song includes an historical moment within Irish History. In 1920, British troops shot their weapons into a crowd of people in Dublin at a football match. This was a retaliation for undercover British agents being killed. In 1972, there was a second bloody Sunday when there was thirteen Irish civil rights protestors were killed in Northern Ireland. The song represents both days since the Irish citizens would witness the bodies covered in blood for a war. This song is clear on the message it is portraying by its lyrics touching base with the listeners emotions. The creator of this song is a band named U2 and the song I am using is by a band named Paramore. The individuality may not be the creation part however, the singer named Hayley Williams gives the right tone to pull the heart strings. The individuality of her voice adds to the sincerity as well as it better connects to you on what is going on with the imagery. Irish is not a part of my historical culture but the act of ruthless violence should be noticed by everybody since history is known to repeat itself.

This song is more of an art that I connect to on a personal level. Many children are brought up with broken families and the singer P!nk understood how to portray her song to touch those in similar past events. The individuality of the whole video and song shows how there are people who continue to hurt because of abnormal childhoods. Not containing a cookie cutter lifestyle usual frightens those who do not know of anything else but that. The clearness shows that she is trying to prevent a divorce and continue to have the life she once had in the family portrait. The sincerity could be heard and seen through the little girl crying and her voice cracking as if she was close to tears. The infectiousness in this video is stronger than my previous video according to Tolstoy.


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