Blog Prompt #11 Infectious Art

Tolstoy described art as infectious because the author of a piece of art conveys a message to the spectator’s emotion. The point is to have the same emotion to be mirrored into the person viewing the art. He discussed how there are three main conditions that covers the degree of infectiousness. The amount of clearness to understand the message that is trying to be conveyed, individuality of the art piece, and the amount of sincerity within the art. I believe this could be a useful way to evaluate art however this is not the only way. Some art is just pleasing to the senses. It could be a painting with vibrant colors that attract the eyes. This gives the audience the first look of attraction towards the piece but Tolstoy introduces the factors that will keep the persons attention. In music, the introduction entices the listener to continue listening to the melody however, if they continue to listen an hear unpleasant vocals or unappealing lyrics then they may not stick around to hear how it ends.

I would also disagree with Tolstoy on the principle that art could be counterfeit art if not containing the three conditions. Art comes in many forms and could touch people in different ways and degrees compared to other people. He assumed everyone thought in a uninformative manner about art which is quite humorous. A movie may be as sincere as ever but it could be another remake of Romeo and Juliet just in a different geographic location or time era. It lacks the individuality nonetheless its art. Many famous artist have had paintings that may seem unclear on the message since it would be many random colors splattered on a blank slate. That painting could be worth well over a thousand dollars but the buyer will never have a clear connection to the meaning of the painting unless they directly asked the creator.

“…The cleverest technique not only fail to produce any infection but actually repel. ”

This quote is a true statement because someone who has a desire to make a piece of art will find a way to touch somebody in some way even it is not the same for every person. It has t be a true talent to repel someone from wanting to explore an art piece.


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