Film Screening

“Existenz” was an alternative reality game that was a generation of the actual game named “Transcendz”. This relates with Plato’s hierarchical scheme by the use of art. The art in each virtual reality that it makes it more of a pleasurable experience versus the actual world. Plato would see this as deceptive and would not approve of either of the games provided. I find it peculiar that the title of both games are meaningful words for the movie. To exist in another plane of exitence that transcends a different meaning to your life could broaden a person’s scope of thinking. This is a deceitful way of spectating the world since everything is not real. The movie had distinct connections with the controller and system reflecting as an organism. It had a cord that looked like an umbilical cord while it was connected to a “pod” that resembled a large internal organ. The movie described that the system was made of components of live amphibians. There was a trout farm that seemed atrociously inhumane and filthy. That was the example of the game Extenz while the entire movie was within the game Transcendenz. The controller for Transcendenz was more sleek and attached to the head as if it was a headband. A better option in my opinion compared to the cord that attached to the player’s spine after they have a bio-port installed. There was also a risk of losing the ability to walk if not properly installed. One of the players was chosen to be the creator of the fake game. However, the game sensed the betrayal since she wanted to kill the actual designer and that seemed to be the theme of the particular game which the character commented was abnormal.


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