Blog#7 Deceptive Art?

The difference between “beds in the world” compared to the “idea of a bed” is best described by who makes them. The creator made the bed, the carpenter literally makes the bed, and the painter makes an illusion of the bed. The painter imitates the reality of an actual bed while the other two could be more considered the creator and maker. Art is the imitation of what an item really is in reality. According to Plato, art is deceptive. I do not agree with this logic. Art isn’t meant to deceive a person in believing in an item that isn’t really there but to show what the item looks like without actually being in front of the person. I can understand where Plato is coming from by thinking that art is just deceiving the brain into thinking an imaginary object is near him. There was only one kind of art in his day which was realistic art of people and objects. There was not as many options as there is today. There was no such thing as abstract art. This would not deceive anyone however, it may confuse a few that have never seen it before. So I would usually not agree with this criticism but since of the time period, I can agree with the  motive.


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