Blog #6 Reality with Plato

The prisoners in Plato’s cave are quite similar to spectators in a cinema watching a film. All the attention is faced one direction. The prisoner’s could only see the wall with the occasional shadow that passes by while other people are paying to stare at a wall with moving lights in order to tell a story. These stories will be portrayed by real people acting out situations to entertain the audience. The prisoners may be somewhat entertained however it was not their choice to be chained in a cave their whole life. They are both lacking the full picture and are focused on a minimal factor of what is really going on around them. People mistake heart wrenching movies with reality since they connect with the characters and share the emotions they are going through in the film. They also have films that are based on real stories but the scenes the public is viewing is a reenactment in order to inform the masses of that event. I do believe that we confuse the real world with reality since we are able to use our senses to reassure us that the objects are there. It can be deceiving if the visionary image is not there and it is not able to be touched. A hologram may be able to be seen like a movie yet both of them cannot be felt or smelt. Is it real?


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