“No simplicity of mind, no obscurity of station, can escape the universal duty of questioning all that we believe.”

In this excerpt, Clifford is explaining how every person will believe in something regardless of status. He discusses in the article that many people in the position of power will spread their belief since they have people that are already following them.

I believe the statement above is a valid statement. Every human can process a thought, therefore they will believe in something. Believing in nothing as a religion is STILL believing.An opinion and a belief may seem similar without much though however they have a slight difference. An opinion will have no real fact or evidence to back up that statement. A belief will at least have a logical foundation on why they believe in that. It does not mean that both cannot be false. The foundation of an understanding is the difference that needs to be addressed.

I do believe that the above statement is sound. Not every statement that is valid is also sound. This particular quote happens to match both of the criteria. It is valid to believe that every person has their own belief. It is a sound statement to have everyone think their own thoughts without influence of the outside world but other factors do exist to make our decisions sway.

For example, I could believe in a spectacular super hero named Spider-Man. I would have the facts that he is really a man named Peter Parker and lives in New York. I could also believe that Mary-Jane is a bad influence on my beloved webbed man. Anyone else could think that my belief is not true and even try to prove me wrong with facts. It would still be MY belief.


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