Blog Prompt #5

Beliefs can contain different characteristics which include: live or dead, forced or avoidable, and momentous or trivial. A genuine belief will be described as a live, forced, and momentous or trivial.

A live belief is one that has meaning to the listener. The author explains it best by asking a question to someone on whether they should be a “theosophist” or a “Mohammedan”. Since a person will not have a strong connection, let alone a recollection of the meaning, so they will not have a preference of which one to choose. However, if the question was about a pagan or a catholic there would be one of the two that someone would sway to because of their personal experience with each religion. Some people may only have a slight live wire to it but it would be better than a completely dead wire.

A forced question would be when the question does not contain any wiggle room in order to find a loophole. Someone may feel yearned to make a third option. If the question was worded where it was forced then that wold not be possible. Then it is not forced but avoidable since the question could completely avoided. I could ask someone if they want pumpkin pie or apple pie and they could respond by saying they want cake! A forced example would be “Drink the milk or do not drink the milk”.

A momentous option is when that option is a rare event to ever happen again. A trivial option would be one that would possibly appear again. Like, if I told you to look up to see a masked hero swinging from building to building then I would be safe to say it is a momentous event.

I believe that this belief avoids Clifford’s requirement for evidence. Either option does not need tp be proven as a fact.


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