Fallacy Database

  1. Begging the Question: Spider-Man is spectacular because he has the same powers as a spider. His awesome powers are great because he is Spider-Man.
  2. Ad Hominem: She doesn’t know what she is talking about because she is a red head named Mary Jane.
  3. Equivocation: Milk is better than nothing. Nothing is better champagne. Milk is better than champagne.
  4. Slippery Slope: If we let one masked menace run around the city, that means we are allowing all of them to do it!
  5. Straw Man: Cats are the greatest pets out there since they take the cutest pictures.
  6. Tu Quoque: Spiderman-Man believes that violence is wrong yet he fights crime.
  7. Non-sequitur: A non-domesticated large feline is a dangerous beast. Therefore, the domesticated cats will soon find its root instinct to become ferocious. No one should own cats.
  8. False Dichotomy: Is your favorite superhero a) The Amazing Spider-Man b) The Spectacular Spider-Man or c) Cat-Man?
  9. Arguments from Ignorance: I have never seen Spider-Man where I live so he must not be real.
  10. Red Herring: Should we bring a new ban on mutated humans from entering the city?The place we live is so stunningly cartoonish, as if we are being drawn for perfection. We even see some exciting spectacles that appear in random areas of the city. We could use a new painted building to stay looking modern. It will help with the growth of the population.
  11. Scare Tactic: I know Peter Parker is Spider-Man. So, if he does not come to my birthday party, I AM TELLING EVERYONE!
  12. Hasty Generalization: The whole crowd was snickering and snarling at the deranged Black Cat that was hanging from a large web.

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