To truly understand injustice you have to be able to empathize with others. My personal experience is with my family. Specifically, my older relatives would encourage my younger self to be amused by dolls, learn how to make cleaning fun, and do not think of sports or any other activity that would seem un-ladylike. This sexist way of thinking drove me more towards the opposite of what they wanted me to do. I loved playing any kind of sport, I enjoyed the tantalizing video games, and stuffed animals seemed like more fun than Barbie dolls. My family strongly disapproved and punished me for thinking so incorrectly. I empathized in the fact that they believe I am being defiant in my actions however, they did not empathize with me.

Injustice comes in many different forms from people all over world. Some voices are never heard with their hardships. Trying to spread the ability to see the perspective of others is not an easy task for everyone. It will take time to see the progress but that is the start.


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